10 Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Writing

A writer’s main struggling phase starts when they are not able to figure out ways to attract people attention to their writings.

And, that’s the crucial stage of writers’ journey where they spread all their wings to get people to read their writings.

As a writer, I have been struggling with the same for some time, but after experimenting with different ways, I am here to share a few of the effective ways that have been working perfectly for me.

Let’s discover the ways to promote your writing 👇

Start publishing your writing on a platform with a writer community, Medium, Substack, Hashnode.

Whenever you find something similar content from a big audience individual, plug your writing link with a proper caption.

Pick few punchlines from writing and share them on social sites with links in the comment.

Search for the community where people talk on similar niches. Be part of those communities and share your work with them.

Connect with amazing people on the internet, make friends, mentors, ask them to review your writing work.

Present the same writing contents in different formats and share them on different platforms.

7. Link into guest blogs

While drafting a guest blog, you can mention the link if that topic is being talked about.

Search for individual who runs a newsletter in a similar niche, talk to them about your writing work, if they find it interesting, will plug into their upcoming issues.

But, IG is for images? 🤔

Yes, that's where you have to play cleverly. Search for an image that will trigger viewers to read the caption of the post.



Share your blog through the Pinterest board with visual rich images.



Hope you find these helpful 🙈

Which of these ways, are you going to try to promote your writing? 👀

Thanks for reading, see you soon 🤗