10 Tips to Attract More Freelancing Opportunities

Do you know, out of the whole working population, 1.2 B populations are freelancers?

Out of those billions of freelancers, there are millions of individuals who is struggling in getting clients actively 🤯

If you dive into on ground situation, there are many reasons behind not being able to get clients on an active basis. Reasons like, not having proper work to showcase, approaching without understanding the requirements, no value of work, quality less works and many more 🥺

To help you not going through the same phases, here are 10 tips that will help you kick start your freelancing journey 👇

  1. Show the collection of your past work

Whenever approaching a client work, having a collection of past works you have done in a similar context help you stand out from the crowd.

2. Study about the brand

Do a proper study about the brand you are approaching, have an idea about their requirements with a few inspirations.

3. Add value through communication
Communication is a wonderful tool that has the power to make the work that seems impossible.

While proposing for work, communication like you are someone a brand can trust because of the value you will be bringing to the table.

4. Leverage social media sites
In the age we are living in, social media sites are the places where the whole world come together and a cup of coffee 😋

5. Use your actual identity
Do not be afraid to show your true identity, it holds the power to close the deal.

Try using your front-facing picture with a valid name.

6. Show value upfront
You start attracting opportunities, once you start providing value upfront.

While you are applying for a gig, try creating some part of their project that will help you impress the client

7. Ask relevant questions
Your ability to ask questions shows, how much you are dedicated to the work and how well you have understood it.

8. Communicate like they are your crush
Recently one of my colleagues told me a line, “Clients are like crush", you have to keep putting efforts to make them happy.

9. Find people who need help
While exploring the internet, you must be coming across people who need help with something.

Search for those kinds of people and help them sort out their problems.

10. Position yourself as an expert
You will never allow a child to play with your brand. For the same reason, entrepreneurs and founders discard individuals who aren’t able to place themselves as an expert.

An individual who shows their capabilities to handle their works and that’s the biggest factor in creating the trust.

Simplify your kickstarting journey as a freelancer by following these tips.

Hope you find these helpful.

Thanks for reading 🤗⚡



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