8 Ways to Make Your Living As a Writer

Anshu Shandilya
6 min readJan 18, 2023


Ways to Make Money As a Writer | Fueler.io

Most of the time you are not aware of the ultimate power or leverage of something. Same with writing on the internet, 3-4 years back I had no idea one can become a millionaire, one can buy Lambo, one can achieve a financially free life just by writing on the internet.

I started writing on the internet without any expectation and without thinking about making living out of it, but currently, all my bills are being paid just because of that choice, that is writing on the internet.

There are several ways to make money as a writer, but I am here to share 10 ways that have helped me personally make my living.

  1. Guest Blog Writing

Guest writing is a way in which you write blogs/articles for brands' blog pages. You must have come across multiple brands’ blog pages and for that blog page, they look for writers who can create amazing content that will market their brand.

For example, Fueler Blog

If you go on Fueler blog, you will discover blogs from different domains, but you must be thinking how will I write for this blog?

For that, every website creates a “Write for Us” page, you just have to find that page and submit your request about how you want to contribute.

Here is the Fueler “Write for Us” page, you just have to go through all the steps and submit your request.

Email Example for Guest Blog Request
Email Example for Submitting Guest Blog Request

There are two kinds of Guest Blog writing, one is paid, free, and affiliate.

In paid kind of guest blog writing, you will find details about payment on the “Write for Us” page.

CSS-Tricks Payment Details on Write for Us Page | Fueler.io
CSS-Tricks Payment Details on Write for Us Page

In free kind of guest blog writing, you will find details about it in the “Write for Us” page.

And, In the affiliate kind of guest blog writing, you will not find any details about it, but you can add affiliate links in the blog you will be submitting, especially if the brand isn’t paying you anything.

Here you can find the list of brands that are looking for guest writers, click here

2. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is a way of writing in which you have to write on someone’s behalf.

For example, a founder of XYZ company building their personal brand on Twitter/LinkedIn but they don’t have time to create content so they look for writers who can create content on their behalf and get paid for that.

One question arises, how to find that kind of person?

For that purpose, you have to search for that kind of person on Twitter and LinkedIn. You have to find decision makers of a startup/company in the niche you write around and cold email/social DM them.

3. Link Building

This is part of guest blogging, but you can do this independently also. Let me tell you how.

For example, if you are writing guest blogs for multiple brands, you can tell the decision maker of both brands that you can help them get a link back from the XYZ website with 50 DA and for that, you will get paid a certain amount.

One brand can be Fueler and another brand can be Masterclass and you are writing guest blogs for both brands. So, you have to email both brands that “I am writing a guest blog for Fueler and I can help you get a link back from that website”.

Once they agree to do it, just mention the link of a specific brand on a particular word.

Email Example for Link Building and Guest Blog
Email Example for Link Building and Guest Blog

4. Email Copywriting

None of us can deny the importance of email and how brands actively communicate their offering with us through email.

But, do you know there are individuals behind writing those emails?

And, if you are someone who knows writing emails you can help brands write email copies.

You might be thinking, but how to find those kinds of brands?

For that, you just have to open your email and scroll through promotional emails from different brands and find the emails that are not well written.

Brand’s Promotional Emails
Promotional Emails

Other than that, you can pick funded startups from the “Y Combinator Companies List” and cold email them about email copywriting.

5. Run a Newsletter

There are multiple ways to make money by running a newsletter, here is a way that works effectively.

Sponsored Brand Mention

In this way, you have to invite brands to sponsor your newsletter and you will give them a special mention in your newsletter.

Sponsored brand mention in email
Sponsored brand mention in an email

6. Social Media Copywriting

Have you noticed the brand’s dedicated page on all social media platforms?

You would have also noticed written captions, and text written in visual posts, for those written content, brands look for persons who can write social media copy in a way that their customers get hooked with that.

Pinterest Instagram Post Caption | Fueler.io
Pinterest Instagram Post Caption

7. Write Ebooks

If you have worked around something and have gained tons of insights and experiences, you can write them down in an ebook and sell that on the internet.

There are people who need help with figuring out how to get out of something, they will buy your ebook.

TBH, this isn’t as simple as it’s sounding here, but at the same time, it’s not that complex that can’t be executed.

I have written 10+ Ebooks in the last 2 years and those ebooks have helped me make $500+ and get clients of $1000+

Click here to find them.

There is a tool “Reedsy” that makes writing an ebook super easy and effortless. You can give it a try, the best part about it is that you get a .pdf, .epub, and .mobi versions of your ebook.

8. Teach writing skill

There are millions of people around us who don’t have a proper path to move ahead in their careers, you can become a medium by teaching them about writing skills.

It can become a life-changing moment for someone who was lost in their life. Start with teaching about fundamentals and move to different sides of writing on the internet.

For example, you can check Fueler school of writing, we have prepared this for anyone who is interested in starting their writing journey can refer to this guide.

These were the 8 days to make money through your writing skill, pick anyone from this list and start monetizing your writing skill.

Let me know if you have any questions, just drop an email at anshu@fueler.io

See you in the next blog.