Best ways to practice Android App Development


Somewhere in our life, we have definitely heard that practice makes men/women perfect. The more you practice you be confident in your field.

But, while starting anything, we often forget to ask this question that “How will I practice whatever I am learning?”.

If you have asked, then it’s ok. But, don’t press the back button. Because there can be something beneficial for you also.

And, if you haven’t asked, then don’t stop reading this story.

While learning, app development, we try different ways to find answers to the above question(“How will I practice whatever I am learning?”). Some of the ways like Google search, Suggestions from college seniors, any social media friend’s suggestions, etc.

Sometimes, you got the best suggestions of your life, if you will be able to find the right person luckily.

And, sometimes, we got suggestions like try to build apps like calculator, spinner, Android Components App, Tic-Tac-Toe, Counter, etc, or try to build clone apps of large apps like Instagram, Netflix, YouTube, etc.

I am not saying these are bad suggestions for those who have just started learning.

But, this will be not enough when you will try to build apps to real-world problems or work as an Android app developer at some companies.

Then what?

Here, We will explore different ways to practice app development rather than exploring traditional ways of practicing.

Let’s dive into it,

Have you ever heard a term called “Freelancing”?

Basically, when you solve someone’s problem remotely and get paid for your efforts to solve those problems that means freelancing.

There is a top website for freelancing. Its name is Upwork.


Visit the website and follow these steps:

Step 1. Setup your account.

Step 2. Click on the Search tab and type “Android App Development”.

Step 3. Open any of the projects from the shown list.

Step 4. Note down its requirements (What will be in this app?).

Step 5. Congratulation, you got a problem it’s time to start practicing.

Then, why are you still waiting for a miracle?

But, don’t leave me.

Now, let’s explore. Are there any other ways?

Yes, there is another way.

Play Store

You just have to visit Google Play Store website and follow these steps:

Step 1. Click on the Search tab and type any type of app that comes into your mind like Ambulance Booking App, Food Ordering Apps, etc.

Step 2. Take a look into app’s reviews which have rating 3.5 or below to this.

Step 3. Are you noticing, users are facing issues while using that app?

Step 4. Note down those issues

Step 5. It’s time to install the app and try to use it.

Step 6. Note down, what are the problems you have found and should be fixed to gain more users.

Step 7. Congratulation, you got a problem it’s time to start practicing.

Then, why are you still thinking about this app?

And, it’s time to say goodbye.

While practicing or solving any problems, if you got stuck somewhere. You can reach out to me. I will be there to help you.

All the best.

Thanks for reading.


Android App Developer | Content Writer | Fueler @kiwismedia

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