Choices are never right or wrong

Anshu Shandilya
2 min readMay 20, 2023



How often do you think whether your choices were right or wrong?

Did you buy the right smartphone?

Did you buy the right cloth?

Should you go for a walk or lie in the bed or binge watch?

Should you use social media everyday?

There are several moments in our life where situation force us to think whether that was a right choice or a wrong choice.

But, why should we even care about choices being right or wrong?

If you pause for a moment and think about something positive happened in your life, having a healthy body, good writing skill, calm mind, etc.

Anything positive in your life is a sum of choices that you had made somewhere in your life.

Let’s take another example, you are dreaming about living a life where you don’t have to think about money before doing something, whether it’s planning a trip or going out for family dinner or purchasing quality cloths.

What are the choices that comes to your mind for achieving this lifestyle?

  • Learning a monetizing skill?
  • Improving communication skill?
  • Prioritizing every second you have?

what else?

There would be many choices that you would have to take before you start living that lifestyle.

Would you consider these as right choices or wrong choices?

For someone who is dreaming to live an independent life and understand the importance of it, it would be right choices.

It’s a matter of change in perception about same thing.

Choices are never right or wrong, it’s how you choose to live that choice make it right or wrong for someone.

Also, if you go a one step in depth of this discussion, you will notice that an individual never tag something as right or wrong, it’s a third person that define it as wrong or right.

I remember, when I joined my first company my manager told me you are a child, go study then come to work.

For him it was just a situation where a random graduate joined him company at the age of 22, but for me it was a lot more than that, gaining experiences, working around real people, making money.

So, there will be always someone sharing their perception about the choice you took. But, you have to identify whether you should adopt that perception in your life or not.

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