Do your duty, do not expect the results

Keep doing epic shit.

Anshu Shandilya
2 min readJan 14, 2021
Clicked By: Avi Richards

There is a line in Bhagawad Gita that states that “Karmanyevadhikarasthe maa paleshu kadachana, Ma karma phalaheturbhuh matey sangah astu akarmani.” This verse in Sanskrit is commonly translated as, ‘Do your duty, do not expect the results’.

Since childhood, we have been taught the same, but in the age of social network platform, we have been addicted to instant result. Additions of getting the number of likes on whatever we share with the world and those likes act as a validation for us whether those people understand the real value or not.

If we do not receive any feedback, critics, suggestions on our works that doesn’t mean it has no value. It’s just another piece of waste. And we started overthinking, procrastination, underestimating ourselves, our capabilities of out-performing.

These things kill our energy of doing lined up works.

But, what are the ways in which someone can validate “how much value their work hold?, what are the opportunities they can attract based on those works?, how they can utilize their works to gain desired things?”.

One way is that publish your works on different platforms(depends upon type/domain, like for Writing I prefer, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, IndieHacker) and wait for DMs, Comments, Mail, etc. Any type of personalized messages you receive on your works. You don’t have to visit those platform every next 2hrs.

Just publish and check once, twice or thrice a week.

Next, share your works with a set of individual’s and ask for their suggestions on those works. You can share within your friend circle and tell them to try and give feedbacks.

Next, try applying for jobs/freelancing projects and propose your works as experiences for their requirements. And, let’s wait whether you receive something back or not.

You have to have patience to see what’s the actual worth of your works. And that’s the only way to overcome procrastination and overthinking.

By trying these ways, You can save those time frame to create something new cool things and lined them up to publish.

Don’t let overthinking kills your energy to create.

Invest most of your time ideating and executing those ideas.

Thanks for reading.