Essay on Observation on COVID — 19

In this essay, I have added some of my observation, hope you will enjoy reading.

Let's begin,

Take care of mother nature

It’s April month of 2020. We just have started our year and here we are dealing with this pandemic instead of enjoying life like previous years. Every people in India is thinking about COVID(Coronavirus) and how to be safe from this virus. Not only in India but in the whole world. So, everyone is planning or trying their own way to be safe and stay alive.

Generally, there are a few ways people are following to be safe from coronavirus.

Some of them are the following:

  • Staying at home
  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Keep yourself clean

These are some of the ways to keep yourself safe from this virus. While we are doing these things, we are not spending too much time outside that’s why we are giving chance to other species to live and come outside from their home and enjoy this beautiful environment.

I am telling you this because I do not know, how this virus will impact human life or on which scale people are going to get affected by this. But, I know one thing that if people will learn from this and stop harming the mother nature. Then, I am not going to hate my cities anymore because I will be living the same nature surrounded life in cities that I love to live in my native village.

Bird’s voices are more than vehicle honk.

And, I pray for mother nature, if humanity is not going to learn from this incident. A virus should come in a certain duration to teach us to respect mother nature.

Living in a cage is not a human nature

It’s the time of Covid-19. Everyone is struggling to be safe. This is the time when we are forcefully told to stay in one place that is home. But, we are not habituated of this. We never imagined that we will have to live like this. In this time everyone is trying to find their ways to not get bored. So, some of the things, peoples are doing in my contacts are like

  • Playing Whatsapp challenges(I dare you to do this/that, I challenge you to draw this, etc),
  • Netflix and chill are highly demanded, because, usually, in our daily schedule, we were trying so hard to find time for this.
  • Group Video call
  • Watching Tiktok Videos
  • Watching Ramayana(Bhagwan, Kaha hai re tu? (God, where are you?))

But, one more thing that I have noticed that a few people(exceptional) who ares trying to be productive, trying creative things, focusing on self-improvement, etc.

Because, it’s the best time to start a internet business, people are at home. They are spending more time on internet. Starting an internet business will be the best thing you would do in quarantine.

Or, you can learn new skills like, content writing, digital marketing, graphic designing, copy writing, command on any programming language (Java, C++, JavaScript), etc.

Is this the end of human race?

It’s COVID — 19 season. We are afraid of coronavirus and everyone is at their home with their family. We all are trying hard to be safe from this pandemic.

But, there is one thing that is very scary and that is this end or we have a way longer life to live and tackle a lot of pandemics like this.

Because there are few peoples out there who are not trying to understand the situation and still moving outside of their houses.

One more scary thing that I was thinking about is there are poor people who survive on their daily wage and they were dependent on those wages. Other than that, there is not anything that is helping them financially. I mean, government bodies are distributing money but no one knows about the ground-level situations. Because of this, they could give up and as we know the whole country is shut down and these people can’t go to work and earn to feed their family. So, how long will they survive in this situation?

Let’s hope for best and pray all mighty for them.

Health is important but too much-taking care can be harmful

It’s COVID — 19 times and we humans are trying every possible way to be safe from this pandemic. But, too much-taking care of the body can harm.

One morning, I was walking around 4–5 AM in the morning outside of my room and breathing fresh natural air. I think we all love to do this but because of our busy life schedule, we were unable to do.

While walking, I saw that some people who were also doing morning walk and exercising at their roof have a mask on their faces.

My mind wasn’t able to digest this. See, I understand, wearing the mask will keep us safe from affected peoples. And, it’s good that we are concerned about our body. But, the thing is you must have some knowledge and understanding about the reason behind precautions and then take care of yourself. Instead of doing this, we are wearing a mask at home while sitting, cooking, exercising, binge-watching, etc.

Let’s ignore these for a sec. But, it’s morning time and our body needs fresh oxygen. And inhaling some fresh air for 15–20mins will not harm our body.

Billion dollars on Mars mission or for saving the mother earth?

What would you choose? Would you invest billions of dollars on Mars mission or technologies enhancement or you would invest those billions on saving and curing mother earth to make the earth a better place for humans to live?

According to the situation demand, everyone will opt for the second option because everyone has to be alive and have to survive in any possible.

Let’s think for a second, everything has closed in this situation. Either it’s Mars mission or flying taxies project. We all are just thinking about one thing.

What if, we had opted this before?

Let’s assume for a second that we were investing these dollars on the earth and we were living in a beautiful place. Our cities had fresh air to breath instead of polluted air. We were eating fresh vegetables/fruits instead of chemical contained foods.

A United World

One of the best things that have happened after this pandemic is that now humans are not divided into black/white, Hindu/Muslim, rich/poor, etc criteria of differentiation.

This is the world, I always dreamt of. One nation, one world. There should not be any levels to judge anyone. Every human being on this earth is the same. Everyone breathes the same air, drink the same water, same blood color.

Why should we be divided by religions, castes, skin colors, sexuality, etc?

This pandemic has taught one of the important lessons to be united. If we do so that will be benefited for us, not for this virus, not for god or not for nature.

Just imagine for a second, if we keep this thought in our mind, there will be not any agenda for the media channels for their TRP, the political leaders hadn’t solved any religious issues or fight. Instead of this, we will start focusing on self-improvement, solving the country's most important problems(education, health, pollution, etc) will be solved.

This is our opportunity to be united and keep our mother nature safe.

Impact of Wrong information

As we all are aware that the information is very important part of our live. But, getting wrong information, incomplete information can be harmful for people’s life.

After knowing this, some of the people who live around us doesn’t understand the impact of wrong information. And still they create those type of information and share that with peoples without any hesitation. Some time, people receive that never existed. That means, someone intentionally framed it.

This is the time of pandemic and in this situation, people should be aware about actual information. They should get an idea about real scenario of world. But, peoples are getting unnecessary stories about this Coronavirus pandemic, mis-guided informations.

Nowadays, WhatsApp university is on top trending list. Because, this is platform where, people mis-guide people without caring about anything.

In this situation, most the people should either stay away from these social media who spread wrong information or before believing in any information do a proper research/review about that then share with others.

Stay home, stay safe.

Thanks for reading.

Android App Developer | Content Writer | Fueler @kiwismedia

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