Essay on Observation on COVID — 19

Take care of mother nature

It’s April month of 2020. We just have started our year and here we are dealing with this pandemic instead of enjoying life like previous years. Every people in India is thinking about COVID(Coronavirus) and how to be safe from this virus. Not only in India but in the whole world. So, everyone is planning or trying their own way to be safe and stay alive.

  • Maintaining social distancing
  • Keep yourself clean

Bird’s voices are more than vehicle honk.

Living in a cage is not a human nature

It’s the time of Covid-19. Everyone is struggling to be safe. This is the time when we are forcefully told to stay in one place that is home. But, we are not habituated of this. We never imagined that we will have to live like this. In this time everyone is trying to find their ways to not get bored. So, some of the things, peoples are doing in my contacts are like

  • Netflix and chill are highly demanded, because, usually, in our daily schedule, we were trying so hard to find time for this.
  • Group Video call
  • Watching Tiktok Videos
  • Watching Ramayana(Bhagwan, Kaha hai re tu? (God, where are you?))

Is this the end of human race?

It’s COVID — 19 season. We are afraid of coronavirus and everyone is at their home with their family. We all are trying hard to be safe from this pandemic.

Health is important but too much-taking care can be harmful

It’s COVID — 19 times and we humans are trying every possible way to be safe from this pandemic. But, too much-taking care of the body can harm.

Billion dollars on Mars mission or for saving the mother earth?

What would you choose? Would you invest billions of dollars on Mars mission or technologies enhancement or you would invest those billions on saving and curing mother earth to make the earth a better place for humans to live?

A United World

One of the best things that have happened after this pandemic is that now humans are not divided into black/white, Hindu/Muslim, rich/poor, etc criteria of differentiation.

Impact of Wrong information

As we all are aware that the information is very important part of our live. But, getting wrong information, incomplete information can be harmful for people’s life.



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