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This all started with excitement. When you learn App development, your first dream is to publish your app on the play store.

Like all developers around the world, I also collected pocket-money to buy Google play console(Console to publish apps on play store). After a month, finally, I was able to buy the Play console. But, after buying a console, I wasn’t able to decide what to upload on this. Till that date, there were few major app projects on my laptop but, confusion wasn’t leaving my mind.

The story begins with an afternoon moment, one of my batchmates comes to me and told me,

Swara: can you build an app for this idea(have patient, I will share)?

me: Yes, of course, I can build, but answer me one thing. “who will use that app?”.

Swara: I don’t know about others but, I would like to try.

me: Okay, let me think.

His app idea was that is there any possible way in which I can run code on a mobile phone?

He also gave me an instant solution to this problem. He told me that just create an app in which you have to integrate an ide(Integrated development environment) using webView( WebView objects allow you to display web content as part of your activity layout, but lack some of the features of fully-developed browsers. A WebView is useful when you need increased control over the UI and advanced configuration options that will allow you to embed web pages in a specially-designed environment for your app).

For IDE, I used Google Collaboratory(It is a free cloud service and now it supports free GPU! You can: improve your Python programming language coding skills).

I started building and gave him to use it. He loved it and shared it with his friends.

After that published that app on play store. But, this is not the end of the story.

When I published the first version of this app, I had not focused on design, market research, user experience, etc. By the way, these are a major part of any project you build.

Here you will able to find out, what should you keep in mind before working on a project?

Read here:

If you are a newbie in this field, I would highly recommend you to first learn and practice as much as you can.

Project development stages, you should definitely follow.

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If I tell you, I hadn’t share about App with anyone except that friend. After that, I was getting love from all around the world. Would you believe in me?

Now, You have to believe in me.

I was amazed to see the installation speed. Within a week app’s download crossed 100+(are you amazed by this small number? yes I because of the above line about sharing). Because It is unexpected.

If you want to write python code on your mobile phone, you should try this app.


Thank you for reading.

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