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  • Sunil Sandhu

    Sunil Sandhu

    Founder PlainEnglish.io | Twitter: twitter.com/sunilsandhu | LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/sunilsandhu

  • Anmol Jain

    Anmol Jain

    A pro-active Computer Science student trying to understand if anything makes sense | Aspiring PM | Pre-Commi Chef | Building Fllink.in |

  • David Delahunty

    David Delahunty

    Award Losing Designer. Growth Hacker (I hack trees). Many Fingers in Many Pies (Currently on a diet). The Pied Piper of Social Media.

  • Jason Toff

    Jason Toff

    Dad, husband, and PM Director @ Facebook. Formerly a Partner at Area 120 @ Google, GM @ Vine, Director of Product @ Twitter, and PM @ YouTube.

  • Bruno (HE) Mirchevski

    Bruno (HE) Mirchevski

    The Logician (Dreamer) 👁️ Don’t follow me. I am lost too!😎 Founder of HE Group - www.hegroup.info (Investor) 📈

  • Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

    Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi

    21x Top Writer | Helping you live a healthy & happy life through my writing. Free Side Hustler’s Checklist: https://bit.ly/3rjgB4v

  • Zulie Rane

    Zulie Rane

    Content creator, cat mom, 6-figure entrepreneur. She/her. Get 2x weekly emails on how to make money writing online: https://zuliewrites.ck.page/3e3d3a8187

  • Rinkesh Gorasia

    Rinkesh Gorasia

    Founder Career Leap | Blockchain & Crypto Educator

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