How strangers from the internet uplifted my career?

Anshu Shandilya
2 min readMay 21, 2023

Lift your career with the help from top performers.

There are several moments in our life that becomes a life changing moment for us. There are also those kinds of events that get unnoticed.

You, me even all the human being is dependent on each other, knowingly or unknowingly, whether it’s a matter of finding a life partner, buying quality vegetables, or finding a job.

Each one of us complete each other and make things possible for different people around us.

Like all those people, there are also few people,

  • who help you become the best version of yourself,
  • who help you live a better lifestyle,
  • who help you find quality opportunities, etc.

But, we often forget to appreciate their effort, so today I am writing this blog to share about how grateful I am to strangers who helped me live the life I had never imagined.

Every morning I wake up with the thought that “where I would have been living currently if those people didn’t show up in the journey?”.

This is to all the amazing human being who contributed in this journey,

Every time I didn’t find reason to pursue a career you showed up to push me.

Every time I didn’t push to leave my comfort zone, you showed up and took me out.

Every time I stuck with an idea, you showed up.

Every time I wasn’t able to produce quality contents, you showed up.

Every time I went off-track, you showed up with put me on the track.

Every time I walked the wrong direction, you showed up to give the right direction.

Nothing would have been possible, if you would have not showed up in those moments.

Thank you so much for making everything possible for me, can’t express in words how grateful I am for your contribution in my life.

Special mention

Riten Debnath, Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi, Felix Lee, David Perell, Naval Ravikant, Nicolas Cole, Dickie Bush, Aadit S 🦄, Harsh Makadia, Janis Ozolins, The Great Bonnie!, Eddie Shleyner, Harry Dry, Dan Koe, Derek Sivers, . . .