As a creator, it’s our responsibility to take care of those people who invest their precious time in exploring our creation or anything we built.

As a user of “Kaagaz Scanner”, I faced some issues while using this app and decided to redesign and solve issues that I and some other people are facing.

“Kaagaz Scanner(Made in India document scanner app)”. A Few months back when Indian government banned so many Chinese apps along with a very handy and famous document scanner app “Cam Scanner”, three Indian Entrepreneurs built an alternative of this app with Indian taste.

And, In a few days, when government of India and media also encouraged Made in India application and promoted this, in the next moment, everyone who was looking for Cam Scanner’s alternative, they found an Indian version solution to their problem. And, people started loving it.

But, some problem started arising when this application didn’t meet expectations of people that Cam Scanner was fulfilling.

If someone has been addicted to good user experience and if suddenly you give them something that is not as good as their previous addiction, they will stop using that application for sure.

While going through Play Store review, I got to know about actual pain people are feeling.

There are more than 30–40% of users quitting this application because of some issues.

This blog is a small help to not lose that 40% user base, because in India when people started loving something they never leave that until something better than that not grab their attention. For example, Paytm, Phonepe, Flipkart. People have an alternative for these products, but still they are not uninstalling these.

In the same scenario, if we have to be loved by Indian users for long duration, then we have to care about user experiences and issues they are facing.

Here is the list of errors I faced while using this application:

  • Can’t go back to Home from Settings Page
  • Keyboard is not being closed after closing watermark dialog.
  • App is being crashed while editing large number of images.
  • Import PDF not working.
  • There is no need of “Sort and Import PDF” on Settings, Our Recognition, FAQ, Privacy Pages.
  • No need to ask star rating and email within app when you are directing user for play store rating.
  • Blank text input box is being submitted while adding watermark.
  • Sometime App is being crashed while moving from one screen to another.
  • Left/Right button act very slowly while editing images.

By keeping all these in mind, I redesigned the whole application and tried to resolve issues that are being faced by users.

If you are interested in adding something, you can do just by forking the project on GitHub.

Thanks for reading.

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