“Monetizable Skills”, explained in 100 words

Anshu Shandilya
1 min readMar 16, 2023

There are 1000s of skills out there.

From using MS Excel to using Figma, from writing a research paper to designing an Instagram carousel on Canva, all of these are considered a skill.

But, when you grow up and decided to make living by yourself, you can’t learn a random skill and start making money out of it.

That’s where the term “Monetizable Skill” come in the role.

Monetizable skills are the kind of skills through which there are problems that can be solved and for that purpose, people will pay a certain amount of money.

You will say, cutting a tree is also a problem. Doesn’t that mean if I have the skill to cut a tree, then it’s a monetizable skill?

Yes, it’s a monetizable skill because when you will cut a tree for someone, you won’t be doing it for free, right?

In a similar sense, there are several monetizable skills through which you can make your living on the internet.

Examples, Content Writing, Graphic Designing, Software Application Development, etc.

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