Open source contribution is just few steps away

Have you heard lot about open source project contribution? And ever wanted to contribute but didn’t try.

So, just follow the following steps and start contributing.

Before, diving into steps. Having knowledge of these tools will help you with diving and understanding.

  1. Git Bash
  2. Github
  3. Any code editor(VS Code, Sublime, Atom, etc)
  4. Cup of Coffee

Step 1: Open any browser(Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc) and open Open any repository(e.g.

Just click on the circled box.

Step 2: Now, this is your project, you can do anything you want. But, your contribution will not be considered until you request the admin of the project. So, how will you do that? Just follow steps.

Open Git bash.

Step 3: Click on the circled icon and it will copy the URL of the project.

Step 4: Just follow the commands. Paste copied URL here.

Step 5: Shift into the project folder(Enter the project file name).

Step 6: Open project in your favorite code editor. Files will show like this. Now, you are all have access to the whole project. Start contributing.

Step 7: Check the status of your contributions.

Step 8: Add your contribution to the project.

Step 9: Just Commit, what you have done.

Step 10: This will push your contribution to the master branch of the project.

So, we have come to the end. Just refresh the project page and click on the Compare & pull request.

Happy Contributing, Happy Coding.

Thanks for giving me your time. Let’s solve problems together.

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