“Productive Procrastination” explained in 100 Words

Anshu Shandilya
1 min readMar 16, 2023

In general, procrastination is seen as a bad habit but if you make a slight change in your perspective and use procrastination for your benefit then it would be something like this.

You want to write a blog on ChatGPT, but you have a deadline to follow and procrastination is also in a priority.

Before you start procrastinating, start discovering insights about ChatGPT through video or text-based content.

Now, when you are procrastinating, think about the insights you discovered from the content you consumed.

Subconsciously those contents will start forming a piece of content that will be your version of content about ChatGPT.

It might be sounding weird, but it works effectively.

It’s a process to trick your mind, Productive Procrastination is a man-made term so there isn’t a right or wrong definition, it’s just how you perceive it based on your thought process.

What term should I explain next? Please drop your suggestions.