Reasons, why I suggest maintaining a LinkedIn profile are important?

Clicked By: Gabriel Varaljay

There can be several pros and cons of using LinkedIn. But, I wanted to share with you good reasons to use and maintain LinkedIn Profile.

I started using LinkedIn in my 2nd year of graduation. The year was 2017. From those days, I started connecting with peoples who are from different backgrounds and belongs from different positions.

The first reason to maintain LinkedIn profile is that if you belong from a professional background, then you should be surrounded by professionals and there isn’t any other platform till this, except LinkedIn.

Connecting with like-minded peoples who belongs from your field interest will help you in building a better professional life.

Let’s take a look, how I have got benefited from LinkedIn:

  • I have got two jobs for the Android developer role from LinkedIn.
  • I have received several interview calls via LinkedIn.
  • I have got some of the paid projects to work on.
  • I have got the contact of some of the great like-minded peoples from the world.

Uses of your LinkedIn profile, it totally depends on you how do you want to use and get benefited from that.


  • Use as a resume: you can use your LinkedIn profile as a resume if you will fill all sections of the LinkedIn profile. Most of the time, recruiters do not want to see your full page resume because they get most of the information about you from your LinkedIn profile.
  • Share your LinkedIn profile with people and allow them to connect with you.

Do these following things to gain profile visit on your profile:

  1. Connect with people who you admire or you wanted to work with them or for them, people who are experts in your field of interest, etc.
  2. Follow your dream companies with whom you wanted to work and follow their employees in companies employees section. By following them, you will get to know about their updates and guidance.
  3. Comment on posts that belongs to your field of interest.
  4. Use LinkedIn article features and post articles.
  5. Talk to people, share your experiences, and know about them, learn from them.
  6. Post your work and request (tag in your post) experienced people to review it.

By following these things you will be able to gain profile visits.

If you the kind of person, who looks for entertainment on different social platforms, then LinkedIn will disappoint you for sure.

As I have the experience, LinkedIn is a kind of platform of knowledge sharing, connecting with like-minded peoples, look for jobs according to your field of interest.

Once you will start being active on this platform and start engaging with peoples then after some time you will not feel bore visiting again.

I hope, you got my point.

Thanks for reading.

Android App Developer | Content Writer | Fueler @kiwismedia

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