Role of Indian Education System in GDP growth

Lets first understand, what is GDP and why am I talking about this?

Hoping, you understand, what is GDP(Gross Domestic Product).

Why am I talking about?

As you can see, the blue circled area is defining GDP growth percentage of FY(Financial year 2019–2020).

If I ask you the reason behind GDP fall, what would you answer? Please comment your views.

There are some of the major problems, Indians are dealing with. Like, Good Health, Pure water, Pure air, Education, Unemployment, etc.

Let's focus on the Indian education system, I am assuming that you have heard about Nalanda University( Nalanda University is an international and research-intensive class located in the historical city of Rajgir, in Bihar, India. It was established by an Act of Parliament to emulate the famous ancient university of Nalanda, which functioned between the 5th and 13th centuries).

A few days ago, I was one of the attendees of the BCC&i event on the $5 trillion economies. Different speakers were presenting their views according to their experience. And one of them was from the education sector. He told that India’s education system prepares students for a job.

If we take a look at India’s literacy rate according to the census board.

Now, take a look at the Unemployment rate:

This is enough data to say that, if we have to grow in the 21st century, we need to change what we teach and the way of teaching. Because there is a huge gap in the College curriculum and industry demand.

Students are not ready to cope up with industry demand after getting an education from what we teach in our schools and colleges.

Take a look into the survey taken by the cohort of skilled people in India

But, everyone will discuss the problem then who will solve this major problem.

So, we are fuelers. we find a problem and solve that. We do not believe in complaining. What am I talking about? I am talking about,

KiwisMedia ( A marketplace of standardized companies and startups helping create standard and inspiring commodities and jobs for the people living around them ).

As we have ran a campaign (,

Let’s understand, how we are solving this problem,

  1. Registered companies post jobs/internships as per their requirement.
  2. Students/candidates browse jobs/internships city-wise according to their interests.
  3. Student shares their profile with the company in with they wanted to work.
  4. Company view profile and hire them.
  5. Congratulation.

We love mission-driven companies.

We want students who are applying for a job, firstly know about that company(what they do, what are their missions, what they have achieved in past, what are the perks and benefits they are providing, How is their work culture, etc).

We want students who are applying for a job, explore companies according to your field of interest, according to skillset. Like, if you like photography, search for companies who are hiring for the photographer on our platform.

We want students who are applying for a job, explore companies in your city. Students only apply for companies who are tech giants or popular in the industry. But, there are lots of companies in your city that offer the same amount of salary. But, students do not explore them.

For more information:

Hoping, you will find your dream job.

All the best.

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