Stalking is a healthy practice.

Anshu Shandilya
2 min readSep 15, 2023

I find it quite rare, people taking a few extra steps to know about other people with whom you are going to meet or have a call or an interview.

We have tagged “stalking” as a negative term in our society, but if you are someone who actively interact with strangers, get to connect with people for the first time, then having stalking as a default mode is must.

Imagine a scenario, one random day you receive an email saying you are getting a chance to interview Bill Gates ( don’t underestimate the power of serendipity :D ).

How would you prepare for that interview?

Stalking isn’t just a random thing, it’s a life-skill.

Avoid being a person who run after finding cold-emailing template, develop the habit of finding interesting details about the person which will stand out your email/DM.

I am able to say this, because I have tried with both approaches and you will be shocked to see the outcome ratio of being a stalker or non-stalker.

Whenever I have wrote an email without following any template, it has promisingly given me response. But, it was quite opposite for template-based emails.

This email helped me land a 15LPA job
This email helped me schedule an interview for 24LPA job

This is the impact you get to see by adopting stalking as a day-to-day skill.

Whenever you are approaching someone for anything, make sure you do your home work of knowing about that person.

See you in the next blog :)