These 2023 moments I would be reliving forever

Anshu Shandilya
4 min readDec 9, 2023

Over the last 5–7 years, millions of things have changed in my life, but I have rarely revisited any of them.

Since childhood, I have been in search of a balanced life, I used to ask god, if yesterday can be an amazing day, why am I not having the same feeling about today?

As a child, every one of us carries a different set of questions to our elder part of life. Unconsciously, our minds keep looking for answers to those questions. Having a balanced life is one of those questions.

I will be turning 26 years old in 2024 (Happy 26th birthday to me 🎂😁).

In the last 25 years, there was rarely something that have stayed consistent in my life.

I have moved to 8–10 schools before completing my 10th-level education.

I have never lived in a single home for more than 2 years(don’t know what to name this coincident).

But, from the year 2024, I am starting to change the gear towards a balanced life. And, to start that I am firstly going to build a beautiful house and solely take other things in control.

Definitely, there will be ups and downs. Is there even a life without a roller coaster ride? 👀

So, before we say goodbye to this beautiful year, let’s rewind ⏪

  1. Cricket match with Riten Bhaiya and Souptik

If someone asks me after working with 4 companies, in which company you really loved working?

Fueler would be the first and foremost answer to this question, I have spent 2+ years working full-time with team Fueler, but I have lived and known Riten bhaiya for 5+ years.

Sadly, this year I had lost touch for a few months, but hoping things to fall in place soon and I could join the team.

Passion for cricket can be guessed by looking at the wicket in the 2nd picture :D

2. Moving from Fueler to ADPList

I won’t deny that, along with all the fun and work, there was a comfort zone in Fueler. I was ignoring challenges in my personal life and that realization hit when I joined ADPList.

I couldn’t be more grateful to god for sending people like Riten bhaiya, and Felix into my life, whenever I was misguided they showed me the right path by holding hands.

It’s a fact that you will rarely find someone showing you the reality without having double faces. But, I feel truly grateful to people like Felix who showed me a reality cheque.

Before joining ADPList, I was taking writing for granted. Working with ADPList made me realize that it takes hard work to craft a piece of great writing, it’s not something that will miraclely pop into your mind.

3. Taking a random tour to Bangalore and Hyderabad

In the last 25 years, this was the 4th and 5th out-state that I visited and I feel blessed to say that I loved every second of this trip.

And, all that happened because of the people living there. I still wonder, why both places felt known, most of the time I was moving places alone and there wasn’t any thought that I had visited this place for the first time in my life.

Visiting new places encourages me to dream big, do crazy things in life, and be courageous and confident.

4. Friends and family make your life full of joy

These people are the backbone of my life, they give me the strength to fight back whenever I fail, they give me a reason to dream big, and they hold my back whenever I need something.

With adding one more year to these bonds, it got stronger.

5. Books, movies, songs and memes

There hasn’t been a day when these things weren’t part of my daily routine(Movies weren’t that frequent).

The reason I keep myself surrounded by good music, movie, book, and meme, these things adds new perspectives to life and don’t let me fall into the trap of taking life so seriously.

Fun fact: I can create memes out of any image :p

6. Resigning from ADPList

On the 10th of December (the day of writing this blog), it’s going to be 101 days from the day I left ADPList.

Many crazy things happened in these 100 days, I can’t list them out.

I don’t have any regret about leaving a well-paying job, because it was costing me my life, it was making my mind paralyzed. There wasn’t anything wrong with the company or the team, it was me only who was getting complacent.

So, before it would have turned my life into a dead-end, I decided to leave and click the reset button.

In these 100 days, I have applied for 100+ jobs, gave 10+ interviews, still haven’t received any final call from someone. But, I am confident that it will knock on my door soon.

With that, it’s time to say goodbye.

If you read it to the last, thank you so much. This is the first time I have put out things about my private life on the internet.

See you in 2024 🙋‍♂️👉

Take care, stay healthy, stay alive :))