Here I am sharing my hack for improving English speaking.

Before I continue, I would like to say that my childhood education was in Hindi medium. I have studied in Hindi medium upto 12th.

Before joining into graduation in computer science, I was aware that English has huge demand in professional world. When I entered into this English environment, my mind blown away.

After making excuses for 1 - 2 years, I realised that if I have to survive in this world, I have to start practicing speaking english. In this manner, I started.

So, I started reading good books and listening , YouTube videos, English sessions, etc.

Reading books helped me a lot because When you read a book, you actually talk to someone and while reading you explore new words, sentences, way of expression, story telling, etc.

And, other thing was listening english audios(podcasts, songs, movies, etc) and videos.


Your mind has consumed a lot of things, now you have to use those learning, listening, reading and exploring. Means, you have to practice speaking English.

How will you do this?

This is very simple, most of the people complicate this step.

Let's assume you have watched a movie or read a book now you are thinking about those things and reminding those things. So, you just have to speak those things in English, either you record whatever you are speaking or talk to someone about that.

But, remember you have to only use english language for this.

If you have to learn anything, you just have to give your mind that type of environment and then see the magic 😁.

Overthinking is dangerous for speaking fluent English. So, you have to overcome this problem also while you will start struggling.

Listen this to overcome overthinking

Try this and let me know if you face any challenge while doing this.

Thanks for reading.

Android App Developer | Content Writer | Fueler @kiwismedia

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