TodayILearnt 0.2 (From Traveling)

While traveling/Exploring a new place named “Darjeeling”. I visited a tea leaf shop. By the way, if you do not know about Darjeeling tea, you should taste it. Darjeeling tea is world-famous.

I was discussing shop. While entering into the shop, I see that this shop has named itself “Cookies”. And I get confused.

And, entered into the shop and it was full of tea leaf. I was with my friends, so they asked the shopkeeper to show some tea leaves and he gave us to smell. We liked it and bought some of the tea packs.

But, here I am not telling you to buy tea leaf from this shop or travel to Darjeeling. Instead of that, get to know about what I like different about this shop and that excited to write about it.

So, when the shopkeeper was proposing his different sizes, varieties of tea packs. My eye stuck on his packaging and label's design. Basically his product branding was beautiful and different from others.

While leaving his shop after completion of shopping. I asked him about his story behind product branding and beautiful design. (In the meantime, I was thinking that he was taking help from some design agency). But, when he told me that he does this all on his own without any help from anyone. He designs his product labels, logos, product packaging, etc. and managing his overall product along with no compensation in product quality.

Usually, I see People lower their product quality or they do not focus on product branding when they receive high demand. But, instead of doing that, if they will follow this gentleman. They will never lose any of his/her customers. And you will be loved by your customers by buying more consuming more.

Thanks for reading.

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