Welcome to 2021

A new year, new journey, new challenges.

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2021 has been started, I am sure, you must have planned something to do on the occasion of the new year. It’s completely ok, if you haven’t planned anything.

No one is going to say anything to you, no one is going to judge. Because, I have a strong belief that you are going to make it one day. And you are going to achieve what matters to you.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s small or big for someone else. You are going to tackle every challenge that will come in the path of life. Just be patient and don’t lose hope.

If no one is watching you today, it doesn’t mean that no one will come across them tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

We are living in the age of internet, the whole world is connected to each other. Everyone has power in their pocket to connect with anyone they want.

You have to keep going just by keeping in mind what naval said,

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It’s going to be tough sometime when you will start a new journey, when you will start adopting a good habit, when you will start challenging yourself.

But, it will be just for sometime after that you are going to be on high.

  • It’s ok, when you low, when you will not be motivated about whatever you are doing, it’s ok to not be productive 24*7.
  • It’s ok to say sorry, when you see, it was your mistake.
  • It’s ok to ask stupid questions, it’s stupid for others not for you, because you are curious to know about them.
  • It’s ok to follow multiple domains. After Covid-19, only those individuals was able to thrive who had explored multiple domains, who were master at something.
  • It’s ok, if you haven’t achieved anything at your age and someone younger than you or your fellows has achieved something. Everyone has their own journey, their own path.

So, you should never compare your 1st chapter with someone’s 10the chapter.

Humanity is not in the race with anyone. We are in the race with our own selves.

  • Learn emotional intelligence, learn finance, learn physics, learn mathematics no one is going to discuss anything about these, but you have to take care of yourself by learning about it. You have to learn by yourself. Because, you are the only one who is responsible for yourself. There are books, documentaries, articles out there.

Go and start feeding your brain and understand them.

  • Specialized yourself in a way that you don’t have to depend on a single source of income. Achieve this by arming yourself with specific skills and shipping creative works more often.

It’s the best time to start whatever you had planned or planning to start.

Don’t worry if no one is taking interest in exploring them. Just do it.

You will not believe, “there are 98% of the world’s population who consume content created by 1- 2% of the world’s population”.

Start podcast, build an app, start blogging, start a venture, start your YouTube channel, etc.

Start sharing with the world whatever you are doing. Your creation’s best place is on internet not in your system’s folder.

Create, Create, Create.

Ship, ship, ship.

Thank you for reading.

Happy New Year and All the Best for upcoming journey.

Lots of Love and Blessings.

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