What will the world look like in 2099?

Anshu Shandilya
2 min readDec 16, 2023
Fantasy Future World, source

Whenever I finish watching any sci-fi or future-centered movies, I start having this question again and again “What will the world look like in the next 5–10 decades?”.

It’s almost impossible to draw an exact picture, but we can definitely give our minds a try to think. Here are a few things that I am sure it will happen in the coming decades,

  • Everyone will have their own Jarvis plugged in our ears (Iron Man AI assistant)
  • Reading from physical books would feel like a nostalgic memory.
  • I will be married and will be playing with 27 children.
  • Marks-based exams won’t exist anymore.
  • There will be 10x more diseases, but treatment will be quick.
  • We won’t need theaters to watch movies on larger screens, it will be accessible to everyone.
  • We will start creating new societies on Mars.
  • New generations will be shifting toward arts, rather than commerce or science.
  • There will be more billionaires(Obvious one).
  • There will be creative ways to ask for money on the street.
  • Traveling speed would be 10x, drone taxis would be accessible for a short commute.
  • The user experience would be prioritized instead of selling garbage.
  • People will make more conscious buying choices.
  • Jobs that don’t require creativity or critical thinking would be replaced by AI.
  • Getting hired through faking things in a resume won’t exist.
  • There will be 1000s of utility tools integrated with AI to help with household work.
  • Humans will be 100x lazy on a large scale.
  • We will be paying for quality air, just like we pay for Spotify premium.
  • Packaged quick-to-cook food will be inside every household.

Lastly, the world will be a beautiful place to live.

This is a never-ending list, I will keep updating it as the time moves forward. Would love to know what you think, and what changes future generations will get to see.