What’s new in Android Studio 3.5?

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As an android application developer, I was facing the following problems:

  • Gradle building: while using Android studio, firstly we have to build Gradle successfully after that we will able to access the studio frequently. But sometimes it happens that, Gradle building automatically crashes.
  • Preview loading: In any application design is a major concern. If the design will not be able to apply successfully according to code execution. It creates an unnecessary error.
  • Emulator working efficiency: In Android studio, if we were not able to experience, what we have developed. It doesn’t make any sense.
  • Instant apply change: In Android studio, it comes with a great feature but it’s actually working doesn’t make any changes. It is an unnecessary button in the toolbar of android studio.
  • RAM management for windows OS: In windows OS, there are lots of unnecessary application running behind users eyes. In that case, Android studio isn’t able to get its requirement.
  • Fixed Screen size emulator: In Android app development, we have to develop apps for different screen sizes. For experiencing that we need different screen sized emulators.

Now, come to the point, what are the problems have been resolved or not!

Here are the following improvements:

  • Build speed: While solving Gradle building problem, we may not face any Gradle building Speed problem.
  • User interface improvement: while dealing with XML and preview. The preview has been optimized according to XML code.
  • DISK memory management/auto processor recommender: through these, we will not face any emulator crashes kind of problem or android studio slowness problem. Processor/ram will be auto managed.
  • Apply change: Now there is not any instant apply button in studio toolbar, it is not available in the form of apply code change/apply change and restart activities.

These were problems and their solutions.

Thanks for giving your time. Let’s solve problems together. Feel free to connect.

Android App Developer | Content Writer | Fueler @kiwismedia

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